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You will be learning constantly as you move forward through the BlitzMetrics program. Here are some resources to help you find answers to the questions you will encounter along the way:

Do your research: Be proactive and do research before asking questions. Suggest the solution you think is correct when you ask your questions whenever possible.

Tips and Tricks to find the information you seek (bookmark these pages now):

Step by Step Tutorial:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xKM0tQIcdO3D7pi5Ebr3jtqpvet3e_NTSVy1dAhCCbk/edit

Video Tutorial:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eQQ5Tb-VDyD0F829mguacY38qNrw5Stw

Asset Tracker

There is a huge amount of information in our current courses and guides, which youll find in the Asset Tracker.

There are countless articles that BlitzMetrics has written on a wide variety of marketing topics, which youll find in ourContent Library.

For operations or procedural questions, refer to theOperations Process Guide. Search with Google, specifically if you are looking for information that is not specifically a BlitzMetrics practice or process, (e.g. how to link a specific time in a Youtube video, how to use a WordPress plugin, etc.).

Ask your team lead via email or Skype. If you are new to the system, be sure to send out an email with your Skype username to get connected to the rest of the team. Our senior team members have a huge email load, so refer questions to your team lead whenever possible. You can locate your team lead in theTeam Roster.

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