Congratulations on your decision to supercharge
your personal brand.

We’ve partnered with Mark Lack, of Shorten the Gap to bring you this course.

Our goal is to grow your online presence and become a thought leader.

When you are passionate about what you do, it reflects in your brand, making people want to work with you.

Well provide the framework with this course, but its up to you to lay the digital plumbing. This includes setting up your personal website and connecting all of your social sites.

Next, well discover topics and produce original, thought-provoking content. Youll also grow your network of experts in this phase, giving you knowledgeable friends to collaborate with.

Last, well amplify your efforts. This section will focus on promoting your content and utilizing social media to get your message out efficiently. For this, youll need at least $1 a day for Facebook ads (even if you are a fledgling business or a student).

If you need help, our specialists offer done-for-you packages.

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